Hi and welcome to my Astronomy blog!

I’ve been an Astronomy teach for the last 12 years and absolutely love it! After talking to several of my coleeges, they convinced me that it would be a neat idea to start my own Astronomy blog.

So I thought cool! I’ll give that a shot!

I love teaching my students, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to pass my knowledge onto anyone that is interested.

So here I am… Astronomy2.com!

I’ll try to post often, especially during the next month before school starts. It may slow down after that!

I often get the question, why do you love Astronomy sooooooo much?

That’s easy, space is the only place where it goes one forever! There is soooo much potential out there with all the different galaxies!  What’s really in a black hole?  Oh and the stars!!  I could go one for hours about the stars.

So yeah, I really like Astronomy.

I’ll try not to geek out in my posts. I want them to be informational and educational to whoever reads them.

I truly hope you enjoy!